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Jessica Biel Nose Job or Not?

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery

Did Jessica Biel get a nose job? Rumors are circulating that Justin Timberlake’s better half has had plastic surgery to get that gorgeous face of hers! Breast implants, botox injections, lip fillers and nose jobs are all becoming necessary to every successful Hollywood star’s life! Its no longer a surprise to hear of a star getting plastic surgery.

So did Jessica Biel get plastic surgery or is the news of her nose job just another nasty rumor. Lets find out. Jessica Biel is an American actress who entered our lives as Mary Camden on the family drama series ‘7th Heaven’.

Fixing with Surgery

Rumors regarding Jessica Biel say that the actress had plastic surgery done to alter the shape of her nose. Jessica has a sculpted thin nose which is angular, many say that the unnatural shape of her nose is due to plastic surgery. As compared to the past, Jessica’s nose is now thinner at the tip, more angular and is narrower at the bridge.

However, according to certain sources a nose job is the least of Jessica Biel’s plastic surgeries! Apparently the actress has gotten a face lift and lip fillers too. Jessica was, reportedly, unhappy with the shape of her lips and thought they were too thin. Jessica thought plump lips were sexier so chose to get lip fillers.

Certain photos of Jessica on the red carpet show her plump lips, certainly different from what we are used to. Since the actress has not commented on plastic surgery rumors we cannot say for sure whether she got lip fillers for real or not. Some say that Jessica’s plump lips are just a result of clever makeup and not plastic surgery and that may, in fact, be true.

Jessica Biel Nose Job

The star has not directly addressed the comments regarding her plastic surgeries but has talked about her opinion on aging and plastic surgery. Jessica has gone on record to say that she is terrified of aging.

While some may say that is basically a confession to getting plastic surgery, the beautiful actress has also confessed to her fear of blades. Jessica has said she is terrified of blades going near her face and even went on to say that she would rather get a few wrinkles than go under the knife to get rid of signs of ageing.

Baby on Board?

Jessica Biel nose job rumors are not the only rumors affecting the pretty actress! Word around town is that Jessica is pregnant! A close friend of Biel’s and an editor for InStyle magazine, Ariel Foxman, posted a photo of the actress and in the caption congratulated her on impending motherhood and expressed the desire to see her maternity style on the red carpet! So is Ariel just confused by false reports or does she have insider knowledge?

Acording to Radar Online and their source Jessica Biel is pregnant! Biel is expecting her first child with husband Justin Timberlake and is three months along. She is due at the end of April. Neither Jessica nor Justin’s reps have commented on speculation regarding the couple’s impending parenthood.

Maybe all the plastic surgery rumors are untrue and all the changes in Jessica’s looks are due to makeup, photography and even aging!