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Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Westfeldt who is best known as screenwriter and actress is being rumored of having plastic surgery to enhance and keep her youthful appearance. She was suspected of having some surgery procedures like Botox injection, cheek implants, and many others. Is that true? Let’s check this out..!

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If we look at Jennifer Westfeldt before and after photos, she still indeed looks gorgeous and great even though her age has crossed more than 43 years old. Her face skin still looks tight, smooth, and fresh as if it is hard to find some aging signs on her face. We guess that she possibly has got Botox injection to eliminate and to reduce the wrinkles or other frown lines on her face. The other sticking sign referring to plastic surgery is on her cheek appearance which looks more plumped. We suppose that she might have been under plastic surgeon’s knife for cheek implants to maintain her youthful cheek appearance. Unluckily, some people judge that what she had done to her appearance makes her look a bit unnatural. Her cheek now looks pink glow which was considered as the effect of too much injection. It has to be noted that she actually had an ordinary cheek when she was young, but, now her cheeks look much more plumped. How does Jennifer respond to this spreading rumor? Does she admit it?

When she was confirmed by some celebrity and health magazines volunteers, she neither denied nor admitted the rumors. She just stayed mum with the rumor. Even though she has not released an official statement, but before and after photos have revealed the fact that she had indeed been under plastic surgeon’s knife for unnatural changes on her appearance. Although she has smooth and tight skin, her chipmunks cheeks make her look so strange. Her appearance now becomes aberrant and fake, as result it makes some people laugh when they are staring her new appearance.