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Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jennifer Lopez popularly known as J-Lo is a talented designer, singer, actress and TV producer. Jennifer is very famous for her well-curved body as well. She is among the top celebrities in Hollywood with the hottest bodies. However, Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors say that her gorgeous body has been enhanced by several procedures. There are allegations that she got her perfect body after a number of cosmetic procedures. And, whoever did Lopez’s cosmetic surgery must be a real pro. She appears better than she did years ago and nothing about her looks overdone. Sources claim that other celebrities are asking her for recommendations to her doctor.

Lopez is rumored to have undergone Botox treatments, butt implants, boob job, rhinoplasty, and facelifts. As a mother of two, people expect her breasts to be saggy. However, Jennifer’s breasts are so firm something that many people believe is a result of a boob job.


The multi-talented celebrity shows no signs of aging. At her age, you expect to see wrinkles and sagging skin on her face, but her current pictures tell a different story. Her forehead is very smooth and fresh. Her face is so tight and wrinkle free, and her eyebrows appear more lifted than before. Though she is aging, Lopez has managed to maintain that look she had when she was a teenager. J Lo’s plastic surgery rumors also say that some work has been done to reshape her nose.

Lopez has denied claims that she has had or would even consider cosmetic surgery. According to one of her trainers, Jennifer is looking good because she does one hour of exercise every day. This comprises of a half hour of muscular structure and a half hour of cardio. However, whether it was cosmetic procedures or exercise, Jennifer has done a good job in maintaining a perfect body.