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Jennifer Lawrence: Oscar Winner and Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Lawrence Before and After Photos

Very few celebrities can combine beauty, hilarity and candidness with such poise and grace as Jennifer Lawrence can. The stunning blonde goddess is an aspiration and a role model, but now it seems like our near-perfect princess is fighting Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery rumors!

Jennifer Lawrence proved her acting skills in the critically acclaimed, The Winter’s Bone, for which she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for the best actress category, however, the movie didn’t win her the award. The actress was again nominated and subsequently won an Oscar for the best actress category for the movie Silver Lining Playbook.

According to the rumors, the second youngest Oscar winner for the category of Best Actress has had several procedures done to attain the remarkable beauty that she is today. In the pictures featured in this article we can see that Jennifer may have gone from being ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. However, it is hard to tell from Jennifer Lawrence before and after pictures if it is the work of artfully applied makeup and weight loss or of undergoing the knife. While, the pictures do show that Jennifer has gotten lucky in looks department, that too rather suddenly, it is extremely hard to pinpoint any evidence of plastic surgery. It seems like if she did undergo the knife, she got the job done by a pro because he didn’t only do an outstanding job, but left no sign of it either! Paparazzi claims Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery list includes a nose job, breast implants and a few facial tweaks.

The actress herself is quite vocal about body-image issues. She openly admits to caring very little about healthy eating or lifestyle and has very little patience for dieting. The actress is widely known for making comical remarks about her laziness and bad eating habits and shuns the now-trendy fad diets. Her attitude towards fad diets has made her an aspiration for young girls who has previous been trying fad diets that border on anorexia! While, Jennifer accepts being lazy, she also advocates healthy lifestyle, which she may not always follow herself.

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Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jennifer Lawrence has been in the front pages of various magazines due to the recent celebrity photo leak incident. Jennifer has confidently fought the despicable act of privacy violation and demanded that the incident be classified as a sex crime with the culprits and everyone involved to be persecuted for their actions. We as fans condone this appalling act and condone the culprits and hope that Jennifer is able to put the whole incident behind her. We also pray that the violators are caught and tried for their actions. (Like Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst)

From the pictures featured we can say that while the actress has undergone some drastic look changes, Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery rumors are just that, RUMORS! The blonde bombshell with enviable acting skills needs little, if anything else to be desired from a female lead. Jennifer Lawrence’s trademark American look and laidback attitude has brought her more fame than any breast implant or nose job ever could! It seems like gossip mongers need to head elsewhere with their plastic surgery accusations!