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Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

 She is a very talented and beautiful actress acting in Winter’s Tale. She is also an ambassador for Shilseido getting achievement as the first global brand ambassador. Many people think that she is perfect with beautiful face and slim body, but there are some people disagree about it. They think that the daughter of Ilene as an antiques dealer has a rhinoplasty or replacing of her nose. Therefore, that is why she looks beautiful with perfect body and pretty face.

Jennifer Connelly Nose Job

It can be seen from Jennifer Connelly plastic surgery before and after photos showing the differences of nose shape. People can see that in the earlier her nose looks wider and more rounded than recent. When she attended in Oscar event for the first time, her nose was narrow, symmetrical and well shaped. It is so different than before. She ever denied it by saying that the maturity is the biggest factor making her face look different. Not only Rhinoplasty that has been applied by Connelly, but breast reduction as well. As people see that she has reduced breast and she denied against the fact.

Jennifer Connelly Boob Job Before and After

She argues that because of being stressed and having much traveling make her body slimmer and her breast reduced. But, some people disbelieve it because it is impossible to reduce the size of breast without applying breast reduction as a kind of plastic surgery applied by many actresses in the world to make them look perfect. She may deny all the facts, but she can not hide the plastic surgery that has been applied because most people can know it. It has been no wonder if there are so many entertainers look different than before because they have it.