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Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery is now being subject of discussion among plastic surgeons and celebrity viewers. She reportedly has been under surgeon’s knife to improve her image but not all of us know what kinds of plastic surgery that she actually has got. Therefore, to find the answer of our anxiety regarding to her surgery procedures, let’s see the comparison between before and after plastic surgery photos below.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before and After Photos

Comparing by Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery before and after pictures, there has not been drastic change appearance on her. She just had little change especially on her nose shape. Does she have nose job? Before answering that question, let us identify the changes firstly.

If we look at before and after plastic surgery photos above, there is very subtle evident referred to rhinoplasty surgery signs. Her nose shape now looks thinner and shaper especially on her nasal bridge.  However, we are still in doubt whether she only has nose job or there are still many other cosmetic surgery procedures that she had. We noticed that her face also looks so smooth and tight as if it is hard to find any aging signs there where as her age has crossed 44 years old. Generally women in her age will have some wrinkles, crow’s feet line, or other aging signs around their face but what we see on Aniston’s face, it does not have many aging signs. We wonder if she has facelift combined with facial filler injections like Botox or others.

Jennifer Aniston Breast Implants Before and After

Besides facial surgery, we also found that her cup size has a bit changed to be bigger and fuller. We wonder if she has breast implants as well. Looking at other women bust appearance in her age, they generally appear to be a bit saggy. But what we see on Jennifer cup size, she does not have any saggy skins at all around her assets.

When those plastic surgery procedures were asked to the actress, Jennifer Aniston did not deny if she has some works done. She told that she has tried to get some aesthetic surgery for some points on her body. But for the time being, she just only had nose job, not more than it. What about her facelift, botox, and boob job. She clearly denied that she has not thought to get them this time because she still feel comfortable with her appearance without those surgery procedures.

Over all, Jennifer Aniston is surely a sexy and beautiful woman even though she reportedly has some plastic surgery procedures. It does not seem to be a big deal for some people whether she has plastic surgery or not, the most important thing is that she still looks natural and beautiful though her age has crossed 44 years old.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery? Does she appear to have more than nose job? And what do you think of her appearance after getting some works done? Better or worse? Feel free to speak up your mind here…!