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Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Before and After

We’ve caught wind of the Jennie Garth plastic surgery rumors, and we’re wondering what’s up. We’ve heard many stories. Some of them have benefited from their surgical treatments, however a lot of them have failed to get a desirable appearance. The latest news reveals that Jennie Garth has experienced a difficult situation after getting some work done on her appearance. She looks weird and unnatural after having been under a plastic surgeon’s knife. The big question is what types of surgical procedures has she had?

If we look at and compare Jennie Garth before and after photos, we notice that she has obviously shown signs referring to plastic surgery facts. Let’s look at her latest nose shape and then compare it with her old one. It now has changed to be thinner with a straight forward tip. We guess that such nose shape change resulted from a nose job.

Jennie Garth Nose Job Before and After

On the other hand, her face looks so tight, smooth, and sleek, while her eyes still looks fresh. We think that she does not only have a rhinoplasty surgery but she likely also had a facelift, brow lift, and eyelid surgery as well which was combined with Botox injections so that her face appearance now looks ageless.

In addition, judging by before and after pictures above, her cheeks also appear more plump than before. We are afraid that she also has received cheeks implants to make her cheeks look fuller than she used to. She does not look better after having those surgical procedures done, but on the contrary she looks a little bit weird. Nevertheless we are not able to define whether she is listed as a victim of awful plastic surgery.

Over all, Jennie Garth plastic surgery may be one of the reasons why she now looks different than she used to. If she really has had bad plastic surgery, we hope that she can look better in the future.