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Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Jenna Jameson Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Jenna Jameson’s Plastic Surgery is evident, but just how extensive is it? Her complete name Jenna Marie Massoli. She is a well known American actress and entrepreneur. She was born on April 9, 1974 and has been called the world’s most famous performer of adult-entertainment. She is now the subject of discussion among celebrity plastic surgery viewers since she looks a bit different. How much better or worse does she look now? Is it true that her appearance change was caused by plastic surgery? Let’s check this out!

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Judging by Jenna Jameson plastic surgery before and after photos, it is very clear that she indeed has a different appearance than she used to. Her latest appearance now looks, well, kind of weird. We are afraid that her unnatural appearance was caused by bad plastic surgery. If we look at before and after photos, she likely has had too much facial filler like botox injections on her face. Even though it now looks smooth and tight, it also looks very unusual and unnatural for her face frame because it now appears to be immobile and elevated.

The other signs of her surgery procedures are nose job and breast implants. The signs of Jenna Jameson nose job can be seen from her new nose shape appearance, which looks thinner, slimmer, and smaller with a straighter nasal bridge. What about her cup size? Does it look better than before? If we look at Jenna Jameson before and after photos, she likely has had many changes on her bust. It seems to be reasonable because she reportedly has had multiple breast augmentation procedures: the first breast implants were carried out in 1994.

Then the second one was carried out in 2004, after giving birth to her baby. Some people think that she was not satisfied with the result of her first breast augmentation, so she decided to get her second procedure to make her cup size much bigger and rounder. Unfortunately, she apparently regretted putting implants in her breasts, hence her decision to take out the implants. What else? Based on before and after photo comparisons, her lips now look puffier and overinflated. We assume that she must have had too many botox injections.

Over all, plastic surgery may not be the only one way to improve and maintain our beautiful appearance. It sometimes gives us a good result, but it is not a secret anymore that there are many celebrities worldwide that have weird  or even awful appearances caused by these aesthetic surgery procedures. Jenna Jameson’s plastic surgery has resulted in a worse look than before, which proves that these things can go wrong.

What do you think of Jenna Jameson’s latest appearance? Does she look better and more beautiful after being under a plastic surgeon’s knife? You can decide yourself by looking at, and comparing the before and after photos!