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Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are many stories from celebrity plastic surgery. Some of them may get much advantage from their surgical procedures, but not a few of them may feel insecure and look unattractive after having been under plastic surgeon’s knife as it is experienced by Playboy model, Jayde Nicole. She looks bit unnatural with inflated lips appearance.

Did Jayde Nicole Have Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Being a supermodel is demanded to always look attractive and sexy therefore there many models will do everything to fulfill the demand though they have to visit plastic surgeon’s clinic. Plastic surgery may be one of the best alternative ways to get attractive appearance as we want. However not all surgical procedures can meet our expectation as it was experienced by supermodel Jayde Nicole. She now looks bit unnatural and even weird after being under knife. What kinds of surgery procedures did she have?

Based on Jayde Nicole before and after photos, she indeed looks much different than she used to. Her appearance now looks plasticized with inflated lips. Looking at her unnatural change makes some people speculate that Jayde might get bad plastic surgery. She might get too much filler injection on her lips so that her lips appear too much plumped.

Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we look at other photos comparison, she apparently does not only have lips filler injection but she also appears to get breast implants. Let’s see on her latest cup size and then compare with the old one. Jayde Nicole’s breast size now looks bigger than before. Noticing such change on her bust, some people suppose that she possibly has got boob job as well to increase her breast volume.

According to Dr. Sherrell J Ashton, a plastic surgery expert, Nicole does not only appear to have got boob job and lip filler injections, but she is also possible to have got rhinoplasty to make her nose shape look better by narrowing her nasal bridge in order to get thinner and sharper nose shape.

In addition, Dr. David Shaffer, noticed that she does not appear to have got those surgery procedures, as Dr. Sherrell J Ashton revealed, but she also appears to get cheek filler injections, and Botox. Unluckily her forehead skin now looks too shiny and tight. The surgeon predicts that Nicole might get too much filler injection so that her appearance can appear in such way.

In short, if she really has got plastic surgery gone wrong, some people suggest that she has to stop all the procedures of her cosmetic surgery to avoid the worst possibilities. There are many celebrities have bad experience and result from their aesthetic surgery as it was experienced by Elsa Patton, Delta Burke, Janice Dickinson, and many more. All of them reportedly have weird even horrible appearance after getting plastic surgery.