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Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before and After

One more American top model Janice Dickinson reportedly has plastic surgery gone wrong. Public suspicion was firstly spreading out since she looks much more different than she used to.  Her appearance is not as beautiful as she looks before; she now looks weird and unnatural. Did Janice Dickinson have bad plastic surgery? If she did so, what surgery procedures has she got until her appearance looks so bad? Let’s find the answer below..!

It is not secret anymore that being professional and top model needs best and perfect appearance. Therefore it is not wonder if some of American top models reportedly have got some works done on their appearance to improve their image as well as Janice Dickinson. Unluckily what Janice has done seems to be the boomerang for her because she does not look better after getting plastic surgery but she now even looks weird and unnatural.

Judging by Janice Dickinson plastic surgery before and after photos, this supermodel likely has had some surgery procedures includes multiple facelift, lip augmentation, eye lift, breast implants, and also nose job (rhinoplasty). If we look at before and after pictures, she previously looked as charming woman with natural beauty but it is very contradiction to her latest appearance, she now looks weird and unnatural with too tight skin face. We guess that such face appearance is the result of multiple facelift procedure combined with too much facial filler injection. On the other hand, if we look carefully at her eyes appearance, it now looks free from frown lines or other excess skins. We are afraid if she has gone too far with eye lift procedure.

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

In addition, based on before and after plastic surgery photos above, her nose apparently has changed as well in which it looks sharper than before. We think that she possibly has got nose job to reshape her wide nose shape. Unfortunately this procedure of cosmetic surgery appears to be overdone because her new nose shape does not fit to her face frame that looks narrower than before. How about her lips appearance? If we compare between before and after photos, her new lips have changed to be much fuller than she used to. We predict that her lips have got too much filler injection so that her upper and lower lips appearance looks like slightly augmented. The other sign of her aesthetic surgery is on her cup size. Her breast appearance now looks to be bigger and fuller than before. She probably has been under surgeon’s knife for breast implants.

Overall, Janice Dickinson plastic surgery has changed her sexy and beautiful appearance to be worse and terrible. However, we can not define if she becomes the victim of bad plastic surgery because since this rumor has been spreading out widely, this top model has not released any official statements regarding to her dramatic changes. She just stays mum for the rumor.

What do you think of Janice Dickinson’s dramatic appearance? Does she look like to go overboard with her surgery procedures? Feel free to share your opinions with us..!