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Janet Jackson Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Janet Jackson Before and After Nose Job

Janet Jackson is the youngest member of Jackson Five that has been popular with its gold voice. She starts her career as a singer since she was young. Since public knew he talent in singing with gold voice, she has been included into American top singer. However, her gold voice seems to be tarnished by rumors stating that she has had plastic surgery.

Has Janet Jackson Had Any Plastic Surgery?

Janet Jackson plastic surgery rumors were firstly spreading out to the public since she was found coming out from Cedar’s Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles with new appearance. When she is asked about the possibilities of plastic surgery that she has, Janet directly denied that she has had plastic surgery. This American singer told that she has medical check up there, not for doing plastic surgery. However, public still wonder with her new appearance because she does not explain about her drastic changing of her body. Ever since they found the difference between her old appearance and the latest one, they compare her before and after pictures, and then they more believe that she indeed has some works done even though she has denied this rumor.

Based on before and after plastic surgery pictures, Janet previously had fat body shape but her latest appearance now looks much slimmer. To get such dramatic change on the body shape, it is usually done by the shortest way like liposuction or tummy tuck. As we know that liposuction procedure can help to reduce some excess fat around the body.

Janet Jackson Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

On the other hand, she also reportedly has breast implants, rhinoplasty surgery, eyelid surgery, and probably other facial surgery as well. The signs of her nose job can be seen on her new nose shape which looks narrower with refined at the tip whereas she previously had wide and rounded nose shape. Besides rhinoplasty surgery, she also likely has other plastic surgery procedures like breast implants in the past but this rumor is still debatable because her cup size now changes to be smaller along with her weight loss. Meanwhile, her new eyes appearance seems to change to be more opened, she may have blepharoplasty surgery because the excess fat skin above and below her eyes area are not noticeable. Furthermore, her cheeks appear to hang over as if it has been injected with implants which technically called as cheek implants.

Well, Janet Jackson whose full name Janet Damitta Jo Jackson is a kind of beautiful singer although she has been reported having some plastic surgery procedures but some celebrity viewers notice that she becomes hotter and sexier woman with her slimmer body shape. Since her physical transformation from little girl with big bones to the mature woman with slimmer body shape, many people will not only admire her gold voice but they will also adore her successful body transformation.

Although Janet hardly denied that she has some surgical procedures but public still believe that she has did them. It is impossible that she becomes slimmer so fast and owns dramatic transformation if she does not have the shortest way, plastic surgery, to makeover her appearance.

In short, whatever Janet Jackson did, we think her new appearance now makes her look sexier and better than before. It is really good job Janet.

What do you think about Janet Jackson plastic surgery? Does she indeed have liposuction for her body transformation? Please feel free to share your ideas with us!