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Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

The Dexter series star Jaime Murray is a really beautiful woman who has good skill in acting. It seems that she is inherited the talent of acting from her parents, Bill Murray, who is best known a famous English actor. This beautiful British actress becomes more popular since she moved to Los Angeles California and played as Lila Tourney in the Dexter series. As a beautiful actress she of course has beautiful frame and good looking but there is a rumor that said Jaime Murray has plastic surgery to improve her image.  Is that true?

Jaime Murray Swear Plastic Surgery Photos

Well, we think that everyone admires that Jaime has perfect appearance with good skill in acting so that she is loved by many people especially her fans. However her perfect appearance is slightly tempted by growing rumors surrounding her fans and observers of film industry. if she really has plastic surgery, there are many her fans regret to her effort to make over her appearance because without any surgical procedures she has been a beautiful woman.

The issue of her plastic surgery appears in the public when some people notice that there is a bit change around her face area especially nose. Public wondered that the beautiful actress Jaime Murray has nose job (rhinoplasty) because her nose now looks more reshaped and better. Then the speculation is not only fixed on the nose but some people predict that she also has facial surgery. It can be seen from her face appearance which now looks smoother and more flawless as if it does not reflect any aging signs at all.

As we know that one of the best ways to grid the wrinkles and any crows feet line on face is using some injectable fillers like dermal injection, Restylane or Juvederm, and Botox injection. This beautiful actress who was born in July 1977 apparently has some filler injection around her face because her face looks far away from the aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet line, and many others. This cosmetic surgery procedures can help rejuvenate the skin face and get rid the aging signs.

The signs of her Botox injection can be seen from her forehead which reflects no wrinkles anymore but it looks so smooth and tight. Then her puffy cheeks also may be helped by fat grafting that injected into her cheeks that would make her appearance looks perfect.

Overall, Jaime Murray looks so beautiful even though some people wonder her natural beauty. Regardless of whether she has plastic surgery or not, we believe that her beautiful appearance is natural without any plastic surgeons aid.

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