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Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jada Pinkett Smith is a beautiful woman that still looks wonderful although she is 40 years old. She reportedly has some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. As we know that she is a  busy woman with lots of activities in which her activites indirectly influence her appearance. A little information, Ms. Smith is not only popular as an actress and singer-songwriter, but she is also best known as director, producer, and business woman. The wife of actor Will Smith still looks amazing even though she has lots of activities that full with pressure and stress. Her face does not have any aging signs around her face. For that reason, public speculate that she has had plastic surgery to maintain her youthful looking. The most sticking sign of her surgical procedures is her cheeks appearance which looks bit unnatural.

Comparing by Jad Pinkett Smith plastic surgery before and after photos, Her face indeed still looks fresh and taut. She possibly has got facelift surgery combined with facial filler injection like botox or other dermal filler injections so that her face appearance still looks fresher, younger, and tighter that other women in her age. On the other hand, her cheeks also look so fuller and plumper up in which such cheek appearance is usually obtained through cheek fillers or cheek implant.

When she was asked to confirm about this news, Jada Pinkett Smith strongly denied that she has had plastic surgery. She told that everything is still natural whithout any plastic surgeons’ aids.  She ensured that her beauty is gift from God therefore she will keep it naturally.

However, some plastic surgery experts have different reviews concerning with her new appearance. Some of them agree that Will Smith’s wife has got some surgical procedures so that her appearance looks unnatural. On the contrary, not a few of them do not agree if she has been under surgeon’s knife. they think that Jada Pinkett Smith still looks natural and she really does not have any plastic surgery procedures done on her body. If her cheeks look higher, it may be just caused by aging process. They ensured that some woman in her age usually lost her fat around the face that called “baby fat” so that it can make the cheeks look higher, as we see on Jada Pinkett’s cheek. They also revealed that if there are some shoots of her different appearance, they may be caused by camera effect, makeup, different view angle, and also lighting. So, it is possible that in some photo comparisons Jada Pinkett Smith looks different. Well it is hard to know whether she has plastic surgery or not, but we think she still looks amazing in her age.

What do you think about Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery? Does her apeparance look like in natural process? Or does she look like to have some works done for her different appearance? Feel free to share your coments with us!