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Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not secret anymore if beautiful appearance becomes one of the most important assets for celebrity in Hollywood even worldwide. We might have known that most of them prefer to take short way in enhancing and maintaining their perfect appearance, and such shortest way is plastic surgery. We believe that cosmetic surgery procedures are not something new for the singers, actresses, models, and other public figures. The latest news report that the former model, writer, actress, and businesswoman Ivanka Marie Trump has committed to this beauty enhancement. Nevertheless not all people know what kind of surgery procedures that she has got.

Judging by Ivanka Trump plastic surgery before and after photos, this beautiful rich woman has some changes around her face and chest area. If we look at the pictures comparison above, she likely has got nose job because there is obvious change on her nose shape. It has to be noted that Ivanka previously had undefined nose shape especially at the tips which looks sagging downward. Meanwhile, if we look at her latest nose appearance, it now looks more defined with flat and slimmer nasal bridge. How about her cup size? Is there prominent change on it?

Ivanka Trump Breast Impants Before and After

If we look at Ivanka Trump bust appearance, then we compare with the old one. It is very obvious that her new cup size now has changed to be a bit bigger than she used to. We guess that she possibly has got breast implants to increase her bust volume and size. However we can not define whether her new cup size fits to her body frame or not. Some people consider that her latest bust appearance look a bit swollen, especially on her upper pole. Such breast appearance is usually caused by the irritation. We have to keep in mind that muscle around the chest is sensitive. So, if boob job is not well and carefully done, it will be a fatal that can be dangerous for the patients. Well, how does she respond toward the spreading rumor? Does she admit or deny the news?

When this issue has been confirmed to Ivanka Trump, she strongly denied that she had been under plastic surgeon’s knife. Nevertheless some people do believe that she has got some works done because before and after photos really show the distinctive changes on her appearance.