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Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

It is not a secret anymore that the Hyoyeon SNSD plastic surgery rumors are spreading. Even the public admires the fact that most of them have had good plastic surgery results that can change their appearance dramatically; their appearance transformation is definitely better than ever. The recent issue that appears in the public comes from the success of Hyoyeon SNSD’s cosmetic surgery. How does she look after getting some cosmetic surgery procedures?

Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Hyoyeon whose complete name is Kim Hyo-yeon is well known as a singer and dancer. She was born in South Korea on September 22, 1989 and her name began to steal public attention when she became part of the SNSD girls’ band. Before she joined the SNSD group, she had first become a member of BoA’s silhouette dancer group. With her good skills in singing and dancing, S.M. Entertainment recruited her to join their group which has successfully made her so famous.

However, Hyoyeon’s success is slightly tarnished with the rumor saying that she has had plastic surgery procedures to improve her beautiful image. The public is not seemingly surprised to hear that she has had some work done on her face because her friends in SNSD like Jessica, Tiffany, and Yoona have also been rumored to have some cosmetic surgery procedures as well. Some people predict that her aesthetic surgery was inspired by her friends. Hopefully she doesn’t go overboard like Joyce Giraud.

Some plastic surgeons said that the Hyoyeon SNSD plastic surgery procedures include a nose job (rhinoplasty), and it is possible that she may not have a rhinoplasty surgery but more. The doctor revealed that her new nose looks better than before, it looks slimmer and thinner with a narrower bridge so that it looks appropriate with her cute face. Her fans seem to understand her efforts to beautify her appearance with plastic surgery procedures because she needs a perfect appearance to get best performance on stage. They agree that many celebrities in South Korean, or even in the world believe that plastic surgery as the best short-term way to enhance their image because it can make their appearances better and they will feel more confident.

Well, the Hyoyeon SNSD plastic surgery rumors have been spreading to all regions in the country, and outside Korea, however it is hard to know whether she really had aesthetic surgeries like a nose job or not because she never gave an official explanation. S.M. Entertainment said that Kim is still natural and does not have any jobs done on her face. If her nose looks a bit different, it is just caused by makeup illusions. Her management also said that she also lost weight, which makes her looks slimmer.

In short, regardless of whether Hyoyeon SNSD has had plastic surgery or not, we noticed that her latest appearance looks better than before. She looks more beautiful with a slimmer and thinner nose shape.