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Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Rumors

Rumor has it that successful American politician Hillary Clinton has had plastic surgery to improve her appearance. Hillary Clinton plastic surgery rumors say that she had a prominent plastic surgeon come over to her home in New York to perform the surgery.

A book written on the politician, claims that she underwent the surgery in preparation for her 2016 rerun on the presidential race. She had no plans of going to a clinic and instead she had the surgeon setup an operating room in her house with the some modern medical equipment.


Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

Hillary’s face shows no signs of aging. It still looks smooth and tight. Based on her appearance, rumor has it that she has had Botox injections, facelift, neck lift and probably some work around her eyes. It is alleged that it was her husband’s idea to go for the cosmetic surgery to modify her aging look.

Though she is aging, Clinton’s face looks so fresh and young. There is no sign of facial reconstruction. It appears that Hillary’s plastic surgery was done with absolute perfection. The alleged facelift and Botox injections have sure worked on rejuvenating her skin. Hillary looks so gorgeous, and many people have complimented her new look.

According to reports, surgeons believe that she’s had a number of cosmetic surgery procedures. However, none of these allegations and rumors are from a professional that treated her.