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Hema Malini’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Hema Malini Before and After

Hema Malini is a talented Bollywood actress who is also known for her directing and producing skills. She has also been active in politics and has several fans. Hema Malini plastic surgery is one of the emerging subjects among Indian actors who are opting for surgically enhancing procedures.

She is best known for featuring in numerous movies and a successful career but her surgical procedures are gradually stealing the spotlight. The lady with many talents has undergone a number of procedures and these include a nose job and Botox. It is widely believed that her nose no longer looks the same and that she had it reshaped to suit her face. In before and after plastic surgery photos, her nose used to be slightly larger.

Plastic Surgery for Bollywood Star Hema

Several Bollywood actresses continue to undergo plastic surgery. The popularity of this trend is not limited to Hollywood and celebrities in Bollywood are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of cosmetic procedures. Just like with Hollywood Indian celebrities are concerned about their appearance and looking as young and fresh as possible. Hema Malini plastic surgery is pinpointed as the reason why the star has no wrinkles on her face. The highly desirable actress is admired by women around the world because of her age defying appearance. Her face is flawless and she has retained the grace that made hr a household name.

Hema is committed to a healthy lifestyle and this has done wonders for her overall wellbeing. Apart from this healthy lifestyle her flawless face and radiant look can be attributed to Botox treatments. Fillers refresh the area around the eyes and reduce the appearance of lines that can make a person look older. Malini does not appear to have undergone a comprehensive facelift and this could be the reason why she looks naturally and effortless beautiful even as she gets older. There has always been a lot of media interest surrounding Hema’s life. The star has virtually no limits in terms of challenging herself and going the extra mile to pursue different opportunities.

Hema Malini Plastic Surgery

From being a skilled classical dancer to a respected politician, the timeless beauty has done it all. Since she got on to the scene, she has been praised for her outstanding beauty and being in her 60s has not slowed her down at all. Malini still looks lovely at her age, and this has led to the belief that she must be benefitting from plastic surgery. Although she has not talked about undergoing any cosmetic procedure the star has mentioned how amazing plastic surgery can be. She reportedly said that various defects or physical challenges can be fixed by simply going under the knife.

Nothing Wrong with Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Hema has admitted that the prospect of undergoing this kind of surgery can be quite tempting for people in the industry. She further said that anyone who has undergone plastic surgery should not be ashamed of what they have done because it can have a positive impact on their lives. The mystery surrounding the beauty of the star has often been linked to the additional help of a plastic surgeon to preserve her legendary good looks.(Like Gauri Khan and Aishwarya Rai)

The secret to eternal youth can be provided by a surgeon’s scalp or one can be genetically gifted with enduring youthfulness. There are several types of cosmetic procedures that both Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have tried out. The industry is highly demanding, and people are compelled to do whatever it takes to maintain their looks and avoid the stigma of aging ungracefully. Hema Malini looks beautiful and is an inspiration to younger and older women. It is interesting to note that she finds nothing wrong with fixing physical imperfections through plastic surgery.