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Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Gwyneth Paltrow Nose Job Before and After

We know that many celebrities in this world have reportedly got plastic surgery to maintain and improve the appearance as well as their career. Some of them have got terrible result but some have great results which successfully improve their beautiful and youthful image. And the latest news reports that one of American food writers, singers and actresses, Gwyneth Platrow, who was born on September 27, 1972, have been under plastic surgeon’s knife as many celebrities do to improve and maintain her youthful appearance. The big question is how well she looks now after getting some works done? Does she look better or on the contrary she looks weird or even worse? Let’s check this out..!

If we look at before and after pictures comparison, she likely has got some surgical procedures because she looks different time by time. However, the most obvious signs of plastic surgery are that she apparently has got brow lift, eye lifts, chemical peel treatments, chin augmentation, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and breast lift or it is best known as mastopexy. Therefore some people think that the well known food writer has become addictive in the beauty enhancements. Let’s see her new nose shape which looks thinner than she used to. It has to be noted that Ms. Paltrowpreviously had a bit wide nose shape with round at the tip, but it now has changed to be much better defined.

Gwyneth Platrow Plastic Surgery Before and After

The other proof of Gwyneth Paltrow cosmetic surgery is on her new cup size which looks less saggy but it still looks fuller and tight, whereas her age is not longer young. So we believe that the rumor saying she got breast lift is in fact true. In addition, the obvious sign’ referring to her surgery procedures are not only on her new nose shape and cup size, but her face also reflects that there are unnatural face features there. Let’s take a look at her eyes; it still looks fresh and wide opened. She does not have any eyes bag hanging under and upper the eyes. We guess that she possibly has got blepharoplasty to make her eyes look in such way.

However, even though her face skin still looks smooth and tight, but we can not define that she got Botox injection like Lauren Koslow and Catherine Zeta Jones did. We think that she possibly has got chemical peel treatments instead of Botox to maintain her smooth face skin. Stepping on her chin appearance, it does not look natural for her age because it still has good balance to her facial features. Therefore we suppose that she has got chin augmentation to make her youthful appearance look perfect.

Over all, Gwyneth Paltrow plastic surgeryseems to be the main reason why she can always look young even though her age has crossed more than 41 years old. She likely has taken a lot of benefits from plastic surgery procedures.