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Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Gwen Stefani’s Plastic Surgery been outed? Most people know Gwen Stefani as an eccentric rocker with plenty of fashion style, but she has recently become the subject of plastic surgery rumors which claim that she has had procedures done to increase her sexy appearance. This rumor is still debatable, though, because the American singer has not released any official statements regarding the spreading rumors.

Did Gwen Stefani Have Plastic Surgery?

Gwen Renee Stefani is not only best known as a singer and songwriter, but she is also known as a successful fashion designer and actress. Being a public figure seems to demand her to always look stunning no matter where she is. That’s why she will do everything to keep her appearance, even if she has to be under a plastic surgeon’s knife.

To find the answer, let’s see the comparison photos of Gwen Stefani before and after. Based on the pictures comparison above, we can at least notice that she has three prominent changes on her appearance. First, Stefani has a different nose shape. Her latest nose looks smaller and thinner than before. We suppose that she possibly received a nose job, because she had a wide nose shape before, with a bulbous shape at the tip. Now it has changed for the better which suits her facial structure.

Gwen Stefani Before and After

The second change is in her cup size. Her breasts now look bigger and fuller than they used to. Almost as if they have changed from an A cup to a B cup. Based on the changes in her bust size, we  believe that Gwen Stefani has received breast implants to increase her bra size.

Last but not least, her facial skin still looks smooth, tight, and shiny without any sign of wrinkles there. Looking at Gwen Stefani’s latest appearance, we strongly believe that she possibly received facial filler injection like Juvederm, Restylane, or Botox.  Rarely do 44-year-old-women have an ageless facial appearance, unless they’ve had facial plastic surgery.

In short, based on the prominent changes to her appearance, we  believe the Gwen Stefani plastic surgery rumors are true, even though there have not been any official clarifications from the actress.