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Gwen Stefani Boob Job

Gwen Stefani boob job rumors sprouted after she gave birth.Her boobs appear more packed and fuller which is a clear sign that the celebrity had breast augmentation done after having her children.

Many female celebrities undergo a boob job after childbirth to lift their sagging breasts. Breastfeeding causes the breasts to lose shape and become less compact. Experienced cosmetic surgeons administer silicone implants to help women attain breast fullness. Most patients have reported a confidence boost after undergoing such procedures.

Breast augmentation is common amongst celebrities. It is not clear how many such surgeries Stefani has undergone to better her boobs. However, by just looking at her, you notice the change in contour, size, and shape of her bust. And, her cosmetic surgeries seem to have been done pretty well; her chest appears naturally proportional to her body.


Many people agree that the procedure did make Gwen’s chest more attractive. Her boob job is the most remarkable of all the plastic surgeries she has had. Before she used to have flat chest that was unnoticeable.After, her breasts are all round, large and very noticeable. In addition, having breastfed all her children, she most likely resulted to cosmetic surgery to get her breasts back to the compact shape. This and other cosmetic procedures she has had have really paid off and the celebrity looks so attractive.

Her confidence after the procedures is so evident. She is seen posing for photographers on innumerable occasions. She has also appeared in countless TV interviews and covers of magazines. She is a talented beauty who has kept her fans glued to the screen.

Some of her fans claim that her breasts enlarged naturally as a result of the birth of her kids. Nonetheless, whether it she achieved it naturally or through plastic surgery, her new appearance totally suits her. She looks sexier and hotter than before.