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Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Most people may know about Gretchen Rossi joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange Country in season 4. The latest news reported that this actress has been under surgeon’s knife to improve her image. Is that true..? In order to find the truth, let’s see the following reviews based on before and after photos.

Judging by Gretchen Rossi Plastic surgery before and after photos, it is very clear if this actress has apparently got some works done on her face and possibly on the other parts of her body.Her latest face appearance indicates that she applies Botox injection to make her face look fresh and smooth with no wrinkles. If we look at before and after photos, they are obviously different from the nose, cheek, and eyes. For that reason some people believe that she has possibly had facelift, nose job, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, cosmetic dentistry, and lip filler injections as well to change her upper lip.

Now, her nose is a little bit thinner than before. Her teeth are very white and therefore people think she has had caps or veneers put on.  Then, she looks had some sort of eye surgery. People know that her left eye is droopy, different from people look now, her eyes are even. Because of applying lip filler injection, her upper lip looks fuller. If we look at her new cup size, it now looks different. Her breasts look larger and rounder than they did before. Therefore, some people predict that Gretchen Rossi did not only apply plastic surgery procedures on her face, but she apparently has got breast implants as well so that her new cup size can be in such way.

Until now, she never says and tells to all people that she had been under knife to improve her image. Nevertheless some people can know about the secret of her beauty because before and after photos cannot hide anything changed. From her face till her body are different when she was adult and when she is mature. That will be possible if she really applies some cosmetic procedures to make her appearance more beautiful and better than before.