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Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Goo Hara Nose Job Before and After

Goo Hara is recently shocking many her fans since she openly admitted that she had got some plastic surgery procedures to improve her appearance. However there are a lot of her fans are still curious with what types of her beauty enhancements. Well, in order to give you clearer information, let’s see the following reviews..!

It is not secret anymore that there are many South Korean celebrities reportedly have been under plastic surgeon’s knife to enhance their appearance but unfortunately most of them hide their surgical procedures. It is totally different with Goo Hara who is best known as a singer, model, and actress. She is lately making her fans shocked with her plastic surgery confession. However some of her fans still wonder what kinds of surgical procedures she exactly got.

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by Goo Hara before and after photos, she apparently has three major changes on her appearance. Firstly, her eyes have changed a lot. Both of her eyelids now look wide opened whereas she previously had a bit small eyes shape. Therefore we guess that she possibly has got double eyelids surgery to make her eyes look typical western eyes.

Secondly, if we look at her nose shape, it also has changed even though it is very subtle. Goo Hara’s nose now looks well defined and more elegant than before. We suppose that she might get nose job to fix her wide and round nose shape. Last, if you pay attention carefully on her teeth appearance, they now look whiter than before. Some plastic surgeons claim that Hara could have dental veneers. (Like Gauri Khan and Coco Austin)

In short, Goo Hara is now turning into a mature woman after having some plastic surgery procedures even though she is still young, 23 years old. We believe that she has taken a lot of advantages from her beauty enhancements hence she had to thank to her plastic surgeon who has made her appearance look much better than before.