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Glenn Close Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The stars of “101 Dalmatians” movie series Glenn Close is beautiful mature woman at first. But after getting some plastic surgery procedures her appearance becomes more horrible and weird as if her role as Cruela de Vil in the 101 Dalmatians likely happens in her reality life. In that movie series Cruela de Vil is described as a kind of weird woman with bad personality. The rumors of her plastic surgery procedures have been around since the  public noticed her flawless and ageless face that has not changed and she was now around 65-year-old.

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery Before and After

At the age of 65 Glenn Close still looks amazing with beautiful and youthful appearance. She does not have any aging signs that appear in her face but it just shows her smooth and toned skin. For that reason, public guess that she possibly has some plastic surgery procedures like facelift and dermal injection as well. The plastic surgeon from Miami Dr. Michael Salzhauer guesses that this beautiful American actress indeed has plastic surgery to avoid the aging. He ensured that it is possible that she has surgical procedure to erase the deep wrinkles and remove another aging signs around her face. The doctor also showed the signs of the use of some dermal injection like Botox and other fillers to maintain her youthful appearance. Most of plastic surgeons use those injectable filler to make their patients face look smoother and fresher. So it is not wonder if Glenn’s skin face will appear so smooth and toned because she has got some anti aging treatments. Despite her face looks so smooth and tight but some people notice that her appearance looks unnatural and weird because of too much facial filler injections and facelift.

If we look at before and after plastic surgery photos, she does not seem to have facelift and facial filler only but her nose also has changed to be slimmer and thinner whereas she previously had flat nose on the bridge and tip. It is possible that she may have rhinoplasty surgery as well so that her new nose shape looks in such way.  Dr. Paul Nassif as the rhinoplasty specialist agrees with this issue. He told that her nose job is at least the only one that gives her satisfaction because her new nose likely fits with her face frame so that it makes her look better than before.

In short, Plastic surgery indeed will give the best solution to stay young to get a beautiful appearance if the procedures are done by professional and experienced plastic surgeons. However, it will give us regret if we do not have any deep consideration about the risk and plastic surgeon experts, as it has been experienced by Glenn Close. She looks weird and unnatural though her face does not have any aging signs.

What do you think about Glenn Close plastic surgery? Does she look unnatural after getting some works done? Feel free and never hesitate to share your thoughts with us!