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Giuliana Ranic Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Giuliana Ranic Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Giuliana Ranic is a celebrity that was born in Naples, Italy.  Her family moved to Maryland when she was young.  Her father was a fashion designer and opened upscale men’s clothing store to support the family.  Giuliana was a true immigrant’s child; she learned English by watching the news and dreamed of making a name for herself, who knew her name would be centered on her Giuliana Ranic plastic surgery rumors.

The Start Of Giuliana’s Career

After graduating from high school, she got a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, she got a master’s degree from American University and she did a lot of coverage of the Pentagon, the White House, and even the Supreme Court.  Today, Giuliana is best known for being the co-anchor of E! News and she is many times the host of red carpet events with people like Joan Rivers, Ryan Seacrest, and others.  Others know Giuliana from her reality TV show that she starts on with her husband Bill.  She is a Daytime Emmy winner and that may be why the pressure is on to look so good and the rumors of plastic surgery run rampant with her.

Why There Are Rumors of Plastic Surgery for Mrs. Rancic

When Giuliana and Bill got married, they were ready to have children and tried many times over.  They had to do in vitro fertilization and she had many miscarriages.  While on her third round of IVF treatment, her doctor ordered a mammogram and it was discovered that she had breast cancer.  Since the Bill and Giuliana wanted to have a baby so bad, they continued with a surrogate and had a son.  She disclosed on national television that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and would have a lumpectomy and radiation to treat it.  In late 2011, Ranic decided to have a double mastectomy and this would help feed into the Giuliana Ranic plastic surgery rumors as she would have a breast reconstruction.

Botox Injections

Like many celebrities such as Marie Osmond and Coco Austin, it has been rumored that Giuliana was having Botox done.  This can be seen in her before and after photos.  She has a smoother forehead, her eyebrows are arched and raised, and her eye sockets are more defined.  You may find that it looks like she had a nose job, which is also being rumored, but this could just be from the Botox that she has had done to herself.  Botox is honestly one of the most popular types of procedures done today and this is an extremely popular option for celebrities and for just the regular person too.

Breast Implants

Because Mrs. Ranic had breast cancer, she chose to electively have a double mastectomy.  For this reason, it is pretty well-known that she has had breast implants.  While some, like Angelina Jolie chose not to have this cosmetic surgery done, Giuliana did.  Her implants aren’t large, so her bra size hasn’t changed that much, but there isn’t a push-up bra that can be purchased that can do what a small size implant can do for her.  Breast reconstruction is a very common procedure for those that have had cancer and is done as a way to boost their self-esteem and restore the previous look.

Giuliana Ranic Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Brow Lift

Looking at some of these before photos and comparing with the after photos of this E! News anchor, it is assumed that she has had a brow lift.  What you see in these photos is that she has a more surprised look and it even makes her nose look a little bit more refined.  She will tell you it is just the camera angles, but we have quickly learned and we know your secrets!  Nice try, the plastic surgery looks great though, just be sure that you are fessing up to it.

We’re not sure what Giuliana’s goal was, she hasn’t really increased her measurements and in some cases this plastic surgery actually makes her look older.  She’s no Diane Keaton when it comes to looking older, she’s aged gracefully!  She looks great, she will always have our heart and even though people may talk about her in a negative light because of this work she’s had done, and she has gone through a lot.  Congrats Giuliana, you look great, you’ve come a long ways, and you will always have the hearts of your fans.  More power to you girl, if you want to visit the top doctors, please do, just make sure you don’t end up looking like Michael Jackson in the end!