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Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Photo

Geena Davis plastic surgery is now being one of the hottest topic discussions among celebrity viewers. It is all caused by her different appearance in her 57-year-old-age. Some guess that she possibly has been under knife so that she can still look attractive and amazing in her old age. Her face apparently does not have any frown lines but it looks so smooth and tight. Moreover her husband is a plastic surgeon, so it more strengthens public suspicions if she has taken a lot of advantages from her marriage.

Did Geena Davis Get Plastic Surgery?

As we know that being always young is every a woman dream as well as Geena Davis. Moreover her profession is as public figure so it more drives her to have more attractive appearance without any age limitation.

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

When trying to compare Geena Davis plastic surgery before and after photos, she was born on January 21, 1956.  Therefore she looks very young and doesn’t look her age at all.   She does not have wrinkles or other aging lines around her face but we only see flawless skin. The public has been wondering  what the secret of her beauty is. Based on before and after photos, many people think that she probably has had a facelift procedure, as well as Botox injections, and also eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). All of these surgeries are what people believed as the secret of Ms. Davis beautiful and young appearance.

Based on some explanations from plastic surgeons, the use of facial surgery procedures like facelift, facial filler, and blepharoplasty surgery can help the patients to obtain youthful appearance as well as this beautiful actress Geena Davis. Her face now looks tight without saggy or baggy skin hence it is possible for her to have facelift to tighten the skin around her face and cheeks. On the other hand, Geena’s forehead also has no wrinkles or frown lines; it indicates that she may get Botox injection there. As we know the use of Botox injection can sublimate the skin and remove the wrinkles or others age lines. Therefore, it is not wonder if she has amazing appearance in her old age.

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

In addition, if we look carefully at her eyes appearance, it now looks wide opened, free from crow’s feet line, and looks fresh. We wonder if she has got other cosmetic surgery procedures beyond a facelift and facial filler injection, we guess that she likely also has eyelid surgery. Her latest eyes appearance is the tangible evidence for her blepharoplasty surgery. Meanwhile, her lip also has changed to be a bit augmented and looks fuller. Some suspect that she may also have lip augmentation. However it is still debatable, a minor of her fans claim that she had possessed fuller lips since she was teenager.

Over all, regardless of whether Geena Davis has plastic surgery or she has not, we notice that her appearance now looks more attractive than other women’s appearance in her age. What do you think?