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Gauri Khan Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Gauri Khan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Gauri Khan’s plastic surgery rumors have been surfacing lately. As a wife of the Bollywood super star, Sakhrukh Khan, she should have a beautiful and attractive appearance all the time. She was born in New Delhi on October 8, 1970 and is not only famous as Sakhrukh Khan’s wife, but she is also known as a film producer and interior designer. Her beautiful and sexy image, awarded her as one of the most stylish woman in Bollywood by Vogue magazine. However, some people are now talking about her. They are not talking about her title as the most stylish lady in Bollywood, but instead they are speculating on her plastic surgery procedures. Moreover, some people found something unnatural on her face. The big question is: what kind of plastic surgery procedures has she had?

Based on before and after photos, Gauri Khan likely has had a facelift, a facial implant, and dermal injections, because her face now look different. Her face looks younger, fresher, and it does not have aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet, age lines, and saggy skin. What we see on her face is just smooth and flawless skin. Such face appearances are very difficult to obtain by women in general, unless they have some sort of work done.

However, some people noticed that there are shortages from her plastic surgery procedures, her cheeks look lifted and puffier which makes her appearance look unnatural. Meanwhile, her face looks stiff and a bit weird; it seems that she has overdone the procedures. Her face can not express emotion, it looks frozen and plasticized. Take Nicki Minaj for example, she is pushing this line as well.

Overall, we know that plastic surgery always has two sides. It will make us better or it will destroy our appearance. some people think that Gauri Khan’s plastic surgery was a bad decision because her face looks weird and unnatural even though it looks fresh, youthful, and far away from aging signs. Some people think that she should have some additional plastic surgery recovery procedures to fix her terrible face. We hope she can make it better because we believe she probably feels insecure about herself.