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Garry Shandling Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Being a popular comedian likely needs some factor to make the audience laugh. We have to steal their attention with our joke and it may be combined with our funny or foolish face. However people seem to think that the famous American comedian, Garry Shandling, understand that the way you look is what is more important for comedians. He is not only best known for his joke but some people notice that his funny face appearances can make people laugh. There are many rumors that Garry got plastic surgery in order to make his appearance look funnier.  However some people think that his plastic surgery becomes a nightmare because his appearance now looks so foolish and weird.

Garry Shandling Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

This American comedian who was born at November 1949 in Chicago is not only popular as comedian but he is also well known as writer and actor. With his good talent as comedian, Garry has been awarded some awards that make him becomes more famous. As a famous comedian of course he has lots of fans that always wait his joke however his plastic surgery rumor slightly tarnishes his achievements as a top American comedian because his surgical procedures has made his face appearance looks a bit weird even it looks unnatural. Some people predict that Garry Shandling plastic surgery procedures include neck lift, liposuction, and some dermal injection around his face.

The use of some filler injection and neck lift surgery indeed has made his face looks so tight and toned but his neck apparently has some saggy skins with excess fat, as it was told by some plastic surgeons. They are sure that Garry has got some filler injection like like Botox, Juvederm or Restylane on his face. The surgeons ensured that the signs of his injectable fillers can be seen on his face which now looks so tight, toned, smooth, and far away from the aging signs. They added that his saggy neck that is combined with toned face makes him looks weird and foolish.

In short, it is hard to know what happen to him clearly. Is the aim of his plastic surgery for making his appearance looks foolish and funnier? Or his recent appearance is caused by bad plastic surgery that becomes nightmare for him.

What do you think Garry Shandling plastic surgery? Does she look so weird and foolish after having some cosmetic surgery procedures? Feel free to share your opinion with us!