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Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

Frances Bean Cobain may not be as popular as her father name, but since some people are talking about the possibilities for her to have plastic surgery procedures, her name becomes so popular rapidly. Public suspicions began since she looks much different than she used to. Her appearance now looks weird and even awful. Did she become a victim of bad plastic surgery? If she did, what kind of surgical procedures did she have so she can look worse?

The only child of Kurt Cobain is best known as a visual artist. However some people may know her as a former model for one of well known magazines in U.S. There are not many notes about her career achievements, but her name is lately being a subject of discussion among celebrity viewers. It is not caused by her career achievements, but it is all caused by the rumor saying if she has been under knife for her appearance transformation which looks a little bit weird.

Frances Bean Cobain Breast Implants Before and After

Judging by comparing Frances Bean Cobain before and after photos, she truly looks much different than she used to. Her appearance now looks a little bit awful. We guess that she possibly has got too much surgery procedures like lip fillers, cheek implants, nose job, and even breast implants.

Let’s see her nose shape and compare with the oldest pictures, her nose now looks much more refined, thinner, and sharper than before. Meanwhile Frances’ past nose shape, as we can see on before pictures, looks bit wide, rounded at the tip, and does not fit to her face frame. So that’s why we do believe that Frances Bean Cobain nose job rumor is true.

The other visible signs that lead the disputes are on her lips, cheeks, and cup size. Her lips now looks much bigger than before, it might be caused by too much lips injection so that her lips now does not give her sexy image. Meanwhile her cheeks look more plumped; such cheek’s change is usually obtained through cheek implants.

In addition, last but maybe not least, some celebrity viewers notice that her breast appearance now looks bigger, rounder, and fuller than when she was a teenager. They predict that she possibly has got breast implants to add the volume of her cup size to achieve sexy impression. Unfortunately what Frances had done does not make her look better, but on the contrary she looks unnatural. Even some people consider that her appearance now looks terrible after getting some plastic surgery procedures. Nevertheless we can not define whether she has become one of the victims of plastic surgery gone wrong like many actresses experienced such as Elsa Patton, Delta Burke, and Amanda Lepore.