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Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before and After

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before and After

Farrah Abraham plastic surgery rumors are once again going around town! Plastic surgery is fast becoming widespread in Hollywood. Plastic surgery is even more common for reality television stars. From breast augmentation surgery to butt implants and lip fillers cosmetic procedures are now becoming common place in Hollywood.

Farrah Abraham is an American television personality, author, musician, pornographic actress and stripper. She first starred in the reality television show ‘16 and Pregnant’ after she became pregnant at the age of 16. She gained widespread popularity through the MTV reality TV show ‘Teem Mom’. The show followed the life of four teen moms who featured in the first season of the reality TV show, ’16 and Pregnant’.

Farrah Abraham gave birth to daughter Sophia Laurent Abraham in 2009. Farrah has kept herself in the public eye through a mixture of stunts planned to garner publicity including recording an album, releasing porn movies, getting a fake boyfriend and getting multiple plastic surgeries.

Multiple Plastic Surgeries

Farrah Abraham has admitted to getting multiple plastic surgeries so it would not be fair to call them plastic surgery rumors. According to the reality TV star she has gotten a nose job, a chin implant and multiple breast augmentation surgeries.

In her most recent surgery, Farrah Abraham decided to get her cup size increased from a C cup to a D cup. Discussing her breast implants Farrah said her previous implants had started to feel like water balloons and also said that she looked more natural with a D cup size.

Farrah Abraham’s first breast augmentation surgery, back in 2011, was featured on the reality television show ‘Teen Mom’. She has said that she got her breasts enlarged to give her career a boost. Before the breast implants, Farrah went under the knife to get a nose job and to get chin implants.

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to a plastic surgeon, Farrah Abraham had her chin implant surgery reversed! Last year, the actress underwent a procedure to have her chin implants taken out. She felt that people gave undue attention to her face because they knew she has implants and felt self-conscious about it. Apparently Farrah also faced pressure from her parents to reverse the surgery.

Talking About Plastic Surgery

Farrah has discussed her plastic surgeries and the motivations behind them in interviews. Recently, she talked about how she does not think she has had too much surgery at a young age and she has also saod no one who meets me thinks I have had plastic surgery. I do not look fake. In the same interview, Farrah also admitted she is not afraid of going under the knife and went on to say that getting cut doesn’t bother me. Farrah admitted that there is some pain in getting surgery but also said that she is pretty tough and can handle it.

Farrah Abraham also discussed that she got breast augmentation surgery to look better and said that the attempt at surgery was because she wants to look her best.

From her remarks on plastic surgery, it seems like Farrah Abraham is not done with getting herself fixed. Who knows what the next Farrah Abraham plastic surgery will be!