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Eva Green Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Eva Green Lip Augmentation Before After Photos

The pressure on celebrities to always look perfect and fulfill a very narrow criteria for ‘beauty’ means that more and more celebrities are now choosing to get plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has become a way for stars to appear younger and to look more attractive.

Rumors about celebrities undergoing plastic surgery are no longer shocking; it is actually expected of stars to undergo the knife. The latest plastic surgery rumors that are doing the rounds in Hollywood are regarding actress Eva Green’s Plastic Surgery work. Eva has not made any comment on such rumors, she has in fact openly stated her choice to never get plastic surgery. But who knows, maybe she changed her mind!

Eva Green is a French model and actress who has worked in French cinema as well as Hollywood. One of Eva Green’s most memorable roles was in the film Casino Royale in which she plays Bond girl Vesper Lynd. The Eva Green Daniel Craig duo was a hit with audiences. Eva Green has also appeared in films such as Kingdom of Heaven, 300: Rise of an Empire and Sin City: A Dame to Kill for. She has also won a BAFTA Rising Star Award.

Eva Green: Complex about Her Looks?

It is hard to think that someone as stunning as Eva could be concerned about the way she looks. She has gone on record to admit that she will not ever have plastic surgery, although this decision has made her feel insecure because now most people in Hollywood are getting plastic surgery done.

Eva Green Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

The 33 year old actress further said that other celebrities who have had Botox or other cosmetic procedure make her more conscious about her age and that she feels awful about it. She also added, “In Los Angeles, I feel like the ugly duckling, like I’m from Venus or something.” It is surprising to think that the gorgeous actress has doubts about her appeal.

Eva Green Plastic Surgery Procedures

Eva Green is a stunning actress who oozes sex appeal. According to the rumors circling Hollywood, Eva Green has had breast augmentation surgery done. Before and after photos of the star show an increase in the size of her breasts. Her breasts look larger in size and she appears to have a more defined cleavage.

Eva Green has not commented on these rumors. It may well be that these rumors are just rumors and have no basis in truth.

Another rumor that has been circulating regarding Eva Green plastic surgery is that she had lip augmentation. The actress’ lips are plump and some say that it is so due to plastic surgery. We cannot comment on whether her lips are naturally plump or not as we have no definite proof that Eva Green had a lip augmentation procedure done. (Like Kim Delaney and Kimora Lee Simmons)

Well, if Eva Green really did choose to have plastic surgery done, we must say she looks flawless. There is nothing outrageous about her looks that would immediately indicate plastic surgery or any cosmetic procedures.