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Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Erica Durance Nose Job Before and After Photos

She is a young starlet and a Canadian producer. She is also best known as a successful actress who got the fame through Smallville series in which she was portrayed as a Lois Lane character.  The girl who was born in 1978 is recently being rumored that she has got some works done to improve her image. This beautiful actress whose bright smile, flashing eyes, and flowing blond hair, is supposed to have breast augmentation, nose job, and possibly other plastic surgery procedures. Although she denies all those rumors, but Erica Durance Plastic surgery before and after photos cannot hide about the facts.

Did Erica Durance Have Plastic Surgery?

If we look at the comparison between before and after photos, it is indeed visible some changes on her appearance. She now possesses larger and rounder cup size than she used to. Some people suppose that she has got breast implants to make them more prominent and fuller. Besides, her new nose shape also looks unusual; it now looks more sculpted, thinner, and smaller. She possibly has got a nose job as well to make her nose look in such way. It has to be noted that her nose previously looks a bit large and thick. There are some other signs of Erica Durance cosmetic surgery.  You can see this her lips because they look more plumped up than they did before, you can guess that she might have got a filler injection on her lips so that her lips now look juicer.

Erica Durance Breast Implants Before and After

When this plastic surgery news was confirmed to the actress, she openly denied that she had been under plastic surgeon’s knife to improve her image. She told that she hated surgical procedures but she preferred natural treatments to make her appearance look naturally beautiful. Do people believe in her if she really ages naturally?

Some people know that her appearance now does not look natural because the change of her look is shortly changed. She does Yoga exercise and workouts on her treadmill making her image fresh. But, does it have a correlation to make breasts larger? Some people know that she likes surfing, snowboarding, kick-boxing, jogging, and kayaking. So, that is why she has a fresh look and different appearance day by day. Her fans do not matter about her rumor in having cosmetic surgery because they love her beauty and talent. What about you..?