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Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before and After

With Emily Procter plastic surgery rumors swirling, this American actress who was born October 8, 1968, is in the spotlight more than ever. She is an actress who played Ainsley Hayes in The West Wing drama which aired in the 2000’s has a rumor that she opted for plastic surgery to make her face perfect with no wrinkles and to make her breasts larger and rounder like many actresses do. A woman who is 44 years old is statistically speculated to have had a nose job, brow lift, botox injection, dermal fillers and breast implants. People can know it by looking at her shiny, smooth, and sleek forehead which indicates botox injections. She also has tight cheeks and well shaped lips because of dermal fillers.

Emily Procter before and after photos clearly show her transformation. Before applying the surgeries, her face was like any ordinary person. After she applied botox fillers to make her face shiner, she looks like a plastic doll. Actually the result has made her face worse, as if she is wearing a wax mask. It looks too shiny as if there’s a plastic layer covering her face. Some people do believe that she has had applied plastic surgery not only on her face but on her breasts as well. Some think that her face and her breasts look different because of pregnancy. Usually, a woman who has just given birth to baby will have larger breast and chubby cheeks, But she has no changes on her shiny face and large breasts. They are still awesome.

Despite the Emily Procter plastic surgery rumors, people can’t know how many changes were made to her face and her breasts before and after possible surgeries because she never comments or says anything about it. The actress from Miami thinks that choosing implants can upgrade the breast size and repair the face to make her face ageless and without any wrinkles. Some experts in the plastic surgery field speculate that she has also applied a brow lift to make her eye brow arched and a nose job to make her nose more pointed.