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Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Emily Blunt Nose Job Before and After

A beautiful English actress Emily Olivia Leah Blunt who was born on 23 February 1983 finally is lately being talked by many people as plastic surgeon’s patient. It seems to be a general truth that there are so many actresses in Hollywood even worldwide reportedly had plastic surgery to improve and keep their youthful appearance. This beautiful actress nominated for two London Films and four Golden Globe Awards may never admit about her surgical treatment, but before and after photos show the real facts.

Did Emily Blunt Have Plastic Surgery?

If we look carefully at before and after photos, she does look a bit different than she used to. Her nose now looks thinner and she has more defined jaw line appearance. It can be assumed that she has a nose job or rhinoplasty to change her nose. It has to be remembered if she previously had wide nose shape with rounded at tip. On the other hand, her jaw line change may be affected by the use of implants around her chin.

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif, public’s suspicions regarding to Emily Blunt cosmetic surgery rumor is in fact true. He sees that her nose has changed much more defined than before meanwhile her jaw line looks better as well. The surgeon also notes that she possibly has got lips filler injection as well because it now looks more plumped and juicy. In addition, Dr. Michael Slazhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon, agrees that this beautiful actress has some changes around her nose, cheeks, and lips. He predicts that such parts of body changes are obtained through plastic surgery procedures. Both of well known plastic surgeon judge that she has taken a lot of advantages from her surgical procedures. They think that she does not appear to go overboard with the procedures. How does the actress respond to the spreading rumor?

Since this rumor has been spreading out widely and becoming public consumption, she has not released any official statement toward the rumor. She just stays mum and let the news floats like water and air. Nevertheless some people do believe that she surely has some works done to improve and maintain her youthful appearance because before and after photos have revealed the facts.