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Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Elle Macpherson Nose Job Before and After Photos

It is not secret anymore if being a professional model is demanded to have beautiful and sexy appearance therefore it is not wonder if there are many models reportedly have plastic surgery procedures. The latest news reports that a beautiful model Elle Macpherson has been under knife to improve her appearance. The big question is how well she looks after getting some works done?

Elle Macpherson who was born on March 29, 1964 is not only best known as beautiful model but some people may know her as an actress, television host, and businesswoman. There are many people are lately talking about her name since there was rumor saying that she reportedly got plastic surgery procedures. However, some of them are still curious and wondering what type of surgical procedures that she has got.

plastic surgery elle macpherson before and after

Judging by comparing Elle Macpherson before and after pictures, the former of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model has much change on her appearance. She looks more beautiful with awesome cup size even though her age is no longer young, 50 years old. Based on her latest appearance especially on her bust, we suppose that Elle likely has got breast implants so that her breast size does not look saggy but it even looks bigger and fuller than she used to. Does she only have boob job?

Well, if we pay attention on her face appearance, we also notice some strange things on her face features, skin, nose, and lips. Let’s see on her face skin, it still looks smooth and fresh. We think that she apparently has got Botox injection as well. It is almost impossible for other 50-year-old-women have youthful appearance like Elle Macpherson’s face looks if they do not have had some filler injection on their face. Some of her closest friends, Gwen Stefani, Kaley Cuoco & Coco Austin, have also had some serious plastic surgery work done on their appearance.

In addition, if we see on her nose and lips shape, both of those face features look have changed a lot. Her nose appears better than before while her lips looks a little bit plumped. Therefore we do believe that she has got nose job and lips augmentation to perfect her sexy image. Based on the changes on her appearance, we think that Elle Macpherson plastic surgery rumor is truly fact.