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Elizabeth Taylor Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Elizabeth Taylor Plastic Surgery Before and After

One more American veteran actress is being reported to have plastic surgery. She is Elizabeth Taylor who is best known for her role as Velvet Brown in National Velvet film. She is also included to one of Hollywood’s Golden Age actresses. However, her name is now being used as a subject of celebrity viewers’ discussion in various forums, it is not all dealing with her success in entertainment industry, but it is all related to the rumor saying that she has some surgical procedures to keep her youthful appearance.

Did Elizabeth Taylor Have Plastic Surgery?

Public suspicions began to spread when some people found her with amazing and attractive appearance whereas her age is no longer young. After seeing her with unusual appearance, they directly speculate if this veteran actress has got some plastic surgery procedures done. If she really has been under plastic surgeon’s knife, what type of surgery procedures did she have?

Elizabeth Taylor Nose Job Before and After

Judging by comparing Elizabeth Taylor before and after photos, she indeed still looks gorgeous and elegant in her 79 years old age. Her face still looks ageless and does not have much aging signs. Looking at the pictures comparison above, we guess that she possibly has got facelift which was combined with regular Botox injection so that her face skin still looks smooth and fresh.

The other plastic surgery facts that we can see on her face is dealing with her nose shape which looks bit better than before. Some sources even claim that Elizabeth Taylor nose job is the first of her beauty enhancement because it was done in the early of her career.

Besides facelift, Botox injection, and rhinoplasty surgery, she also reportedly has got neck lift to pull out the skin around her neck in order to look tight without any sagging skin there. Therefore, it is no wonder if she can always look young in her 79-year-old-age.

 In short, Elizabeth Taylor Plastic Surgery seems to be a great example for the actresses who reportedly have got some surgical procedures. We believe that she has taken a lot of advantages from her beauty improvement surgeries. Good job Taylor..!