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Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Drew Barrymore is recently shocking many people especially her fans with the bravery in confessing plastic surgery. She openly admitted that she had been under plastic surgeons’ knife to improve and to keep her sexy and youthful appearance. The big question is what type of surgery procedures that she had?

Judging by comparing before and after photos, the woman who is best known as a model, producer, screenwriter, film director, and actress likely has got breast reduction. It can be seen from her latest cup size which looks bit smaller than she used to. As we known that she beforehand had too big breast size, but it now has changed to be natural like many women have.

Drew Barrymore Breast Reduction Before and After

On the other hand, Barrymore apparently does not only have boob job, but she also has got some filler injection like Botox around her face. The visible sign referring to her Botox injection can be seen from her face skin which looks so smooth and ageless whereas her age has crossed 38 years old. It seems to be very impossible for other women in her age to have such face skin appearance if they do not have any aids from plastic surgeons. The use of facial filler injection was agreed by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon. The doctor noticed that Drew Barrymore’s face appeared strange and unnatural for her age. It looked shiny and did not appear to have some aging signs there.

In addition, if we look at her lips appearance, it also still looks plumped and sexy therefore we believe that she possibly has got lips filler injection as well to perfect her previous beauty surgeries, breast reduction and filler injection as it was revealed by Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. He told that this talented actress apparently did not only have boob job and Botox injection, but she also appears with lips augmentation. Luckily what she had done to keep her sexy image was well done so that she still looks natural in her 38-year-old-age.

Over all, we realize that attractive appearance becomes one of the important and valuable assets for many celebrities in Hollywood as well as worldwide actresses. However, Drew Barrymore plastic surgery confession has made meshocked because it rarely happens to other celebrities who always hide their surgery procedures as what had been done by Jennifer Carpenter, Natalie Portman, and Michelle Williams. Three of them reportedly have been under knife to improve and maintain their sexy appearance, but they deny all the procedures of plastic surgery addressing to her even though before and after photos have shown plastic surgery facts.