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Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Before and After

Donatella Versace seemingly is not able to be separated from plastic surgery procedures. There are many people are now wondering if her dramatic changes are caused by too much surgical procedures. Instead of getting beautiful and amazing appearance, she now looks weird or even unrecognizable. The big question is what kinds of surgery procedures that she had until she can appear unnaturally with tanned skins.

Donatella Versace After Plastic Surgery

Comparing by Donatella Versace plastic surgery before and after photos, she likely has excessive facelift and Botox injection so that her skin looks too tight and too stretched. This fashion icon reportedly does not only have facial surgery and filler injection only but she may also have got other surgery procedures like cheek implants, lip augmentation, breast implants. Unluckily, most of Donatella Versace plastic surgery procedures are not well done so that her latest appearance looks awful.

On the other hand, her plump, round, and hard bust appearance is apparently useless for her because it does not fix to parts of her body frame. Instead of getting 20 year-old appearance through plastic surgery, she even looks worse.

There are many people regret to her effort in enhancing her appearance through aesthetic surgery because she does not look like to take some advantages from her efforts but she even goes overboard with her surgeries. Even some plastic surgeons suggest her to take some additional constructive surgery to bring back her natural appearance.

In conclusion, Donatella Versace botched plastic surgery is not the only one, there are still many celebrities whose plastic surgery gone wrong as well like actress Dolly Parton and famous singer Paul Stanley. Both of  them look weird and unnatural after having several beauty enhancements. However, we can at least take some useful lessons from Donatella Versace plastic surgery story which shows us that not all aesthetic surgery can be like as our expectations, as it was experienced by Donatella. Instead of getting better and youthful appearance, she even looks like this. It is really bad decision…!

What do you think of Donatella Versace after plastic surgery? Does she look Better or worse?