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Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Demi Moore plastic surgery is lately being hot news for some celebrity magazines and websites. She reportedly had to spend much money only for her beauty enhancements. As it was reported by one of well known magazines, Daily Mail, it reported that this beautiful actress needed more than $120,000 for having plastic surgery procedures, and then more than $330,000 for diet, routine exercise, yoga instructor, nutritionist, and personal trainer. The big question is “what type of plastic surgery procedure did she obtain with that much money?”

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Judging by Demi Moore plastic surgery before and after pictures, this film “Striptease” star likely had multiple surgery procedures. The most sticking signs refer to her cosmetic surgery are on her face appearance and cup size. Looking at her latest face appearance, we notice that her face now looks so smooth and flawless for her 51-year-old-age whereas other women’s face in her age has shown some aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet line, and other frown lines. We think that she might get facelift combined with brow lift, chemical peeling, and facial filler injection like Botox. Meanwhile, the other sign of her surgery can be seen from her new breast appearance which has changed to be smaller than before. It is still fresh for our mind that in 1996 she was reported getting breast implants to add her breast volumes but the implants now seem to be removed from her bust so that it can look in such way. We suppose that she possibly has just got breast reduction by lifting up the implants from her assets, and then to make it look as natural as possible she combined with breast lift procedure. As it is almost impossible for other women who have just got breast reduction still have tight breast appearance as Demi Moore has if they do not have additional surgery procedures like breast lift.

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

On the other hand, if we look at before and after photos comparison above, we also found that her nose shape has changed as well. It now looks much well defined than before. It has to be noted that she firstly had a bit wide nose shape with rounded at tip but it looks thinner and better now. Furthermore, the skins around her hips, stomach, and the knees apparently look too tight as well; she does not appear to have excess skin or fats there. We guess that she possibly has got liposuction to get rid the fats and excess or saggy skin on her stomach and other regions. Besides that she is also rumored having teeth veneers procedure because she is possessing sparkling smile with whiter teeth than she used to.

 This beautiful actress seems to be lucky because she still looks natural even though she has just gotten multiple surgical procedures. We hope that she can still keep her natural beauty appearance without any additional  procedures of cosmetic surgery because we are afraid if she goes further with this aesthetic surgery can make her look worse as many other celebrities like Amanda Lepore has done. She looks horrible after being under surgeon’s knife.