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Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

A plastic surgery trend is not always dominated by Hollywood celebrities but it now comes to the Asian celebrity. One of Asian celebrity who is being rumored to have some surgical procedures is Dawn Yang. She is a beautiful and sexy Singaporean celebrity, she has been voted as the hottest Singaporean woman by FHM. However, her sexy and beautiful appearance is now being talked by many people since she reportedly has plastic surgery to enhance her sexy image.

Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dawn Yang plastic surgery rumor was firstly sticking out to the public when some people noticed her dramatically change around her face. Based on before and after pictures comparison, some people believe that she has nose job or it is well known as rhinoplasty surgery.

If we look detail at the pictures comparison, she does not only have nose surgery but she apparently has another jobs done on her face like chin surgery and eyelid surgery or it best known as blepharoplasty surgery. In the past this sexy actress had piggy and flat nose with narrower eyes. She also had fatty chin and jaw line. But in her more recent appearance she looks a bit different, she looks more beautiful than before. Her new nose looks slimmer with sharper tip, then her chin and jaw line also look more sculptured. Such nose and chin dramatically change indicate that she has worked out around her chin. Beside that her eyes also look wide opened; it is possible that Dawn Yang has eyelid surgery as well.

It does not stop to her nose, chin, and eyes but she also likely has other job done on her forehead. Her forehead now looks wider as if it has been sculptured by the doctor and then her cheeks also look a little bit more lifted and puffier, it seems that she also has cheek implant. Meanwhile, her face skin now looks so smooth and tight; there are no aging signs or other lines there. For that reason, public wonder that she  also has some dermal injection around her face because as we know that the use of dermal injection on face will  help rejuvenate face skin and keep it youthful.

In short, Dawn Yang plastic surgery is one of the examples for good plastic surgery because it can make her look more beautiful and sexier. She apparently has taken a lot of advantages from her cosmetic surgery procedures. Good job Dawn!