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David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After

He is an American guitarist, a singer/songwriter,as well as an actor. David Cassidy who was born on April 12, 1950 is being rumored to have had plastic surgery. The man who is known widely because of his role as Keith Partridge in Partridge Family sitcom has a different look especially on his face area. Some people predict that he has applied botox injection on forehead and cheek implants. As we know that the use of filler injection like Botox can make face skin look smooth and free from aging signs.

David Cassidy Before and After Plastic Surgery

If we look at and compare David Cassidy plastic surgery before and after photos, we are afraid if he does not only have filler injection on his face because the skin around his face now looks tight, smooth, and ageless meanwhile his chin now looks fuller than before.  We guess that he has possibly got facelift and chin augmentation to make his face and chin can look in such way. Generally, such face appearance will not happen naturally because as humans we will experience aging process.

When this rumor was confirmed to the actor, he strongly denied that he has been under plastic surgeon’s knife to maintain his youthful appearance. He told that he tried to lead a healthy lifestyle without any surgery procedures done.

In short, whatever he said regarding to his cosmetic surgery rumor, some people do believe that he has truly got some works done. Luckily, David Cassidy surgery procedures gave the great result so that he can still look young though his age has crossed 63 years old.