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Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not deniable anymore if Courtney Love becomes one of famous American rock stars. However some people now begin talking about her name since she was found having a lot of changes on her appearance. Some people think that her appearance now looks weird even worse, they are afraid if she has gone too far with some surgery procedures. Well, in order to make sure whether she has gone overboard with some cosmetic surgery procedures or not, let’s see before and after pictures comparison below..!

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If we look at Courtney Love before and after plastic surgery pictures, many people believe that she has mad many surgeries. Unluckily her appearance now does not look better but her appearance now appears to be worse and terrible after having some works done on the parts of her body, we are afraid if she has gone overboard with her surgical procedures. The sign of plastic surgery can be noticed form her lips where it now looks more plumped and fuller than before, we guess that she might have lips augmentation. On the other hand, her nose different now it has  changed and become slimmer. This can only be done with nose surgery. If we look at and judge before and after pictures, her face also appears to be weird or even weird. We are afraid if her face has got too much filler injection so that her face now looks too tight and too smooth. From the pictures comparison we also predict that she might not only have facial surgery but she also appears to have other procedures like liposuction, microdermabrasion, and many more.

When this famous American singer was confirmed dealing with her unnatural appearance, she openly admitted that she has got many procedures of plastic surgery. Unfortunately her cosmetic surgery procedures did not meet her expectation therefore she decided to have additional procedures to correct some unsatisfying results.

There has no any official reason why she decided to be go surgeon’s knife but some people guess her decision for having beauty enhancements through cosmetic surgery was caused by her husband, Kurt Cobain, death. They thought that she might be depressed after being left by her husband, Kurt Cobain (the lead of band “Nirvana”) so she decided to have plastic surgery to boost her confidence.

All in all, the appearance of this Hole band member of looks worse than before. To be honest, we love her previous appearance before getting some works done. Hence Courtney Love plastic surgery case hopefully can be a lesson for everyone who plans to get plastic surgery procedures.