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Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Rumors

Courteney Cox is a popular actress well known for her roles on TV shows Friends and Cougar Town. She is a beautiful woman who still looks very young. Many of her fans have speculated on what her secret is when it comes to maintaining the youthful look. Unlike many celebrities, the actress has confirmed Courteney Cox plastic surgery rumors. She admitted that she had some work done to maintain stunning looks. A huge percent of celebrities confronted with such rumors have either denied or made no comments.

Courteney admitted that on several occasion she used Botox injections to enhance the appearance of her face. She said that she did not want plastic surgery as an option for beauty because of what other celebrities have experienced after the procedure. She further admitted that she did it to keep up with age. According to her, cosmetic surgery ought to be used in moderation.


Botox injections worked well for Cox. Her face looks better with fuller lips and cheeks and her eyes look more youthful. Her face is smooth and has no wrinkles, which is evidence that she has had other cosmetic procedures too. In addition to Botox, it is speculated that she must have had cheek augmentation and lip injections too. The three are the top procedures in maintaining a youthful and striking appearance.

Courteney Cox plastic surgery rumors also have it that she underwent a boob job as well. Her breasts appear rounder and bigger. The only procedure that the celebrity admitted to having was Botox injections. She has not made any remarks regarding the boob job, lip injection, and cheek augmentation. There are also claims that she is planning to undergo more procedures. However, some of her fans think that she is already so beautiful and should let it rest.