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We view celebrities as these immortal demigods that never age. The truth is, they age like everyone else, but they have a secret weapon that we all know about, so I suppose it’s not that secret. This weapon to combat aging is plastic surgery, and they wield it with double fists full of cash and botox. Here at Celebrities Plastic Surgery we keep you updated on the latest celebrity gossip and surgery rumors floating around the internet.

There’s times when it works, and they magically turn back the clock. Then there’s times when it looks like their face was hit by a speeding truck and never fully healed. I’m looking at you Wendy Williams. In all seriousness though, our website is designed to provide you the most up-to-date facts, rumors, and statements from the celebrities themselves.

The concept of beauty has changed a lot over the years, but the desire to look young has never once wavered. We all fear aging, but celebrities tend to run to the nearest Beverly Hills surgeon to fix a slightly sagging eyelid or the angle of their noses. We like to keep track of these things because they’re interesting, because it’s gossip, and because like a train wreck, it’s kind of hard not to look.

For all the latest news, the hottest celebrity surgery gossip, and pictures that will make you look twice every time, keep Celebrities Plastic Surgery bookmarked. The quest for beauty is never ending. As long as there are celebrities with too much money, there will always be new updates coming straight to our website.

Some of the most recent celebrities who have come under the spotlight and speculation on whether they have indeed had cosmetic or plastic surgery work done are the following:

Do you have something to say about these specific celebrities and entertainment figures? Let us know! We love to hear from our audience and their own take on who is getting plastic surgery and WHY!