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Coco Austin Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Most people may not know much about Nicole Natalie Marrow, but they will be more familiar with Coco Austin before and after photos, especially given her sudden physical changes. The girl who is known commonly as Coco Marie or Coco-T is an American web personality, glamour model, dancer, and actress married to Ice-T as a rapper-actor since 2001.

She has also been known because of her body shape which has changed drastically, especially her big and round butt. Some people think that she had plastic surgery done to make her butt bigger and rounder, but she denies it. She says that her butt is natural without any surgeon knife’s scratch. As a model who was born on March 17, 1979 in Tarzana, California, having a big bust and butt may be able to improve her image. But, do people actually believe that they are totally natural?

Most people believe that she has gone under the knife to make her bra size and butt bigger as we can see on Coco Austin plastic surgery before and after photos. She actually has an ordinary buttocks and small breasts with a slim body. Then, her appearance suddenly changed drastically. People speculate that she may have had two kinds of surgical procedures: breast augmentation and butt implants. Some of them think that Coco Austin’s plastic surgery has been successfully done because she looks more beautiful, but some of them think that it failed because her butt is not suitable and proportioned with her body frame.

Coco Austin Breast Augmentation Before After Photos

People think that she does not only have butt implants and breast augmentation, but that she also uses Botox injections, had had a facelift, and a nose job as well. So, that is why she still looks young and gorgeous with no aging signs on her appearance despite the fact that she’s in her thirties.

The rumor of her surgery was spreading out because she has a habit tweeting most of her photos when she was wearing bikini on twitter. Although her name has been used in various headlines and for printed/online celebrity magazines, her fans do not look like to be influenced with this news addressing their favorite actress, they sill adore her so much. The Coco Austin Before and After photos say it all. So, that is why she has so many followers on her twitter account.