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Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Clay Aiken is lately being the subject of discussion among celebrity viewers, it is not caused by his career achievements but it is all about the possibilities for him to get plastic surgery. Public suspicions are based on his drastic appearance change.

Did Clay Aiken Have Plastic Surgery?

For those who have not known yet who Clayton Holmes Aiken is, he is an American activist, educator, author, actor, television personality, and singer-songwriter. He began his career after being the winner of American idol and then expanded his career in film industry as actor. He is certainly multi talented and handsome male singer but his name now becomes hot topic of discussion among celebrity viewers and some of his fans. He reportedly has some works done to enhance his cool appearance. But there are many people are still curious what kind of surgical procedures that he might get.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by before and after pictures of Clay Aiken, this rising singer has definitely different appearance especially on his chin. Let’s see on his chin, he now has single chin whereas he previously had double chin. We guess that he possibly has got chin augmentation to reshape his chin.  Another change that we can see is on his jaw line, it now has changed to be larger than before. We think that he possibly got jawline surgery or it is best known as Orthognathic surgery. Luckily both of his surgery procedures are well done so that his new chin and jaw appearance give him more masculine impression.

When this rumor was confirmed to Aiken, he openly admitted that he has indeed been under plastic surgeon’s knife to reshape his new features. He also told that he was very grateful to his surgeon because he could look better after having some works done.

Over all, Clay Aiken cosmetic surgery seems to be the secrets of his wonderful appearance. he looks better and more handsome after being under knife. Good Job Clay..!