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Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery has become a trend with celebrities in the world, and it looks like the Claire Forlani plastic surgery rumors are true as well. Not only women and men but also young celebrities and mature celebrities have also had aesthetic surgery. As we know, one of the aims of plastic surgery is to enhance one’s appearance to look better. The recent rumor spreading around the public comes from the beautiful actress, Claire Forlani. She has been accused of having some works done on her face, and it is possible that she also had them done on the other parts of her body.  There are two rumors regarding her plastic surgery. Firstly, she is accused of having some surgical procedures for medical reasons after an accident, but the second one says that her cosmetic surgery was done for beauty reasons. Which one is true? Seriously though, her jaw looks like Sylvester Stallone’s.

Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery Photos

Claire Antonia Forlani was born in London on July 1, 1972. She has become more popular since her debut in the film Police Academy: Mission to Moscow and the TV series J.F.K.: Reckless Youth. She also played a role in the film “The Rock” as Sean Connery’s daughter. Then she also showed her talent in acting by playing in “Meet Joe Black”. Blessed with very great skills in acting, Claire has been nominated as the sexiest woman by some magazines. As a top celebrity she of course has lots of fans therefore if there is a change on her, the public or her fans will notice it. The part of her body that likely has changed is her face, some people predict that she had a jaw implant inserted.

The signs of the implant on her jaw can be seen from her latest facial appearance which looks saggy with some excess skin, despite the fact that she isn’t very old. Indeed a 40-year-old woman’s face in general will show some aging signs but what we see on Forlani’s face is likely unnatural. She looks like her skin is loose under her face, it looks saggy with excess skin. Such a facial appearance may happen to other women. Forlani might have been under knife to get a jaw implant in the past in order to make her face look unnatural in her 40 year-old age.

In short, Although Claire Forlani never gave an explanation about this issue, some people believe that she must have had some plastic surgery procedures done. Looking at her before and after pictures, she indeed has little a bit  of change on her face but we frankly say that she still looks beautiful.

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