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Ciara Plastic Surgery: Nose Job Before After Photos

Ciara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ciara Plastic Surgery is lately being the hottest topic of discussion among celebrity viewers. Some people suspect that this talented woman has some works done on the parts of her body. However some of them are still wondering what cosmetic surgery procedures that she probably had because there have no been many sources report clearly her surgery procedures.

Did Ciara Have Plastic Surgery?

Ciara Princess Harris who was born on October 25, 1985 is best known as one of successful American fashion models, actresses, and dancers. However her name is now embellishing many celebrity magazine headlines. It is not because of Ciara’s career achievements but it is all about the rumor saying that she has become the patient of plastic surgeon. Well, if she was really under knife, what type of surgical procedures did she have?

Ciara Nose Job Before and After Photos

Judging by comparing Ciara before and after photos, she indeed has very noticeable change on her face features especially nose. Her nose shape now looks much better defined than before because the nostrils were pinned back as well as the tip of her nose was also pinched in. Meanwhile the bridge of her nose is also reduced. We guess that she possibly has got a rhinoplasty surgery to refine her wide and round nose shape. Now she can be proud of her new nose shape because it now looks more elegant and appropriate for her face features. Ciara is close friends with Gwen Stefani & Chelsea Handler who have also been featured on this site for plastic surgery rumors.

Ciara Princess Harris may deny all the rumors, but before and after photos can not hide plastic surgery facts because the sign of her nose job is very clearly seen. Nevertheless we would like to congratulate her because she now looks more elegant and gorgeous with new nose shape.