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Christy Turlington Plastic Surgery: Nose Job Before And After

Christy Turlington Plastic Surgery Before And After

Again American model, Christy Turlington, is being rumored for having plastic surgery procedures. This beautiful model who was born on January 2, 1969 reportedly has nose job to reshape her nose shape and to improve her image. Is that true? Let’s see the following reviews based on before and after pictures comparison.

Judging by before and after photos, it is very noticeable that her new nose shape indeed looks much more different than she used to. It now looks thinner with straight forward tip. It has to be remembered that she previously had a bulbous and wide nose, but it has changed to be better now. Therefore we guess that Christy Turlington nose job rumor actually true.

Christy Turlington Nose Job Before And After

It is not general secret anymore if there are many models in America decided to have a rhinoplasty surgery as the way to improve their image and to boost their career developments. They are like Miranda Kerr, Penelope Cruz, and Ivanka Trump. All of them reportedly have taken a lot of merits after getting nose job. What they did seems to be reasonable because attractive appearance is one of the important assets that they have to keep if they still want to exist in entertainment industry, as well as Christy Turlington. She apparently knows that her nose does look fit to her face frame therefore she decided to go plastic surgeon clinic for nose surgery.

However, since this rumor has been spreading out widely and becoming public’s consumption, there have no been any official statements from the model. Christy still keeps the secret why her nose has changed. Nevertheless before and after pictures have revealed the facts if she was certainly under knife for nose job.

What do you think of Christy Turlington’s new nose shape? Does it look naturally reshape? Or might she get a rhinoplasty surgery for her nose shape change? Never hesitate to speak up your mind here..!