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Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Christina Hendricks Nose Job Before and After

Christina Hendricks plastic surgery is lately being talked by many people, they wonder if this beautiful actress has been under knife for her beauty enhancements or she indeed has aged gracefully. well, if she really has some works done on her sudden appearance changes, so what kind of surgery procedures that she has got, and then how well these surgical procedures have been done.  In order to make clear the rumor, let’s see a brief reviews below..!

Public suspicions regarding to Christina Hendricks plastic surgery rumor began when some noticed that she had something different on her nose shape and breast appearance. Some people predict that she might get rhinoplasty surgery and breast implants for some changes on the parts of her body.

Judging by before and after photos, she indeed looks a bit different. Her nose shape now looks thinner and well defined than before whereas she previously had a bit wide nose shape with rounded at tip. We guess that she could have rhinoplasty surgery so that her new nose shape now looks in such way. On the other hand, if we look at Christina Hendricks plastic surgery before and after photos, we also found the other signs of surgery procedures that she possibly has got. We notice that her cup size now looks slightly bigger than before.

We think that she might get breast implants because she previously had A-cup size but it now has changed to be to 36 D. hence we think that the change on her breast appearance looks unnatural and does not fit to her body frame. Although she has unnatural cup size but we can not define if she has too much implants on her breast.

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

When this TV show “Mad Man” star was asked to make an official statements regarding to her cosmetic surgery rumor, she clearly neither denied nor admitted whether she has been under knife for nose job and breast implants or not. She just told that she loved her body as she was born because she did not pay for it.

Did it mean that she age naturally..? We are in doubt to say if she has aged naturally. What do you think..? We strongly believe that you can decide by yourself whether she really has been under surgeon’s knife by seeing and examining before and after photos above.