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Christina Hendricks Bra Size Before and After

Christina Hendricks Bra Size Before and After

Christina Hendricks Bra Size: Tough Call

Christina Hendricks has been the subject of heated debate as of late. The actress is undoubtedly gorgeous, and she’s sporting a pair of breasts that put everyone around her to shame. Of course, having such large endowments has made her the subject of said debate. Are they real, or did she make them that way? Arguments have flown back and forth across both sides, declaring one option or the other as the ultimate truth.

The facts about Christina Hendricks’ bra size are out there, but the mystery of her plastic surgery is still present, despite her attempts to silence the rumors. It’s time to find out ourselves what the facts are, and hopefully come to some sort of conclusion.

Christina Hendricks’ Career

This buxom star was born May 3, 1975, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She is best known for her role in the television series Mad Men as the character Joan Harris. She also found fame as the character Saffron in the FOX series Firefly. The former role has netted her five Emmy Awards, so she’s not entirely looks apparently. Even so, a poll of female readers by Esquire named her “the sexiest woman in the world.

The Mad Men Controversy

Christina Hendricks Measurements come out to the following numbers:

  • Breasts: 38 inches
  • Waist: 28 inches
  • Hips: 37 inches

Her bra size is a whopping 32F or 32DDD. That breast size is almost non-existent in women without breast implants. Even so, Hendricks has been very vocal on the subject of plastic surgery. She fervently denies any and all claims that her breasts have undergone augmentation. Even so, Make Me Heal hired plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden to examine photos of Christina Hendricks when she walked down the red carpet at one of the Emmy Awards.

Christina Hendricks Bra Size Before and After Picture

The doctor did say that Christina is curvy enough to warrant her breast size, but she also noticed a few characteristics that could point to plastic surgery. For one, there is a distinct border between the breasts and the chest wall. This delineation or “shelf” appearance is known to occur in women with breast implants. In addition the lack of space between her breasts is another indicator that she may not be telling the whole truth.

In the past she has joked that anyone who knows or has touched a breast would know that hers are real. If we look at some Christina Hendricks before and after photos though, there are some drastic differences. There is photo of her from earlier in her life where she is sporting a bikini and showing off fairly modest breasts. The drastic change is almost impossible not to notice, which is where much of the doubt comes from.

Other Mysteries of Plastic Surgery

While Christina Hendricks’ bra size is quite high, there are other Hollywood celebrities who are sporting natural breasts of that size. Take Kat Dennings who, while quite endowed, seems to have fully natural breasts. Of course plastic surgery can be subtle, even if it’s focused on breast augmentation. Anne Hathaway for example had augmentation done, and she still retains and naturally beautiful look. Then you look at someone like Coco Austin, and you see the other side of the spectrum. Regardless, plastic surgery, like anything else, can beneficial if used correctly and without excess.